Kate Chartier

Kate Chartier

- If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space –

I’m a proud nomadic soul with a love of new experiences and seeing the world.

After a decade in the agency-world, I've started my freelance production career as of Fall 2023, and am looking forward to working on a variety of projects at companies and agencies across the US.

Throughout my years in advertising I have worked in Media, Account Management and Production – at both large and small ad agencies. I love the creativity and possibility that comes with every new client and project, and the opportunity to bring the vision to life through film and photography. No matter the scope of project, I’m ready to take it on – and make it fun!

Outside of production, I love playing volleyball and ice hockey, sailing, paddle-boarding, travel, photography and my assistant and best friend, Waffles the corgi.

Waffles Brady Chartier

Although only a 6 year old corgi, Waffles has an eye for design and aesthetics. He attends shoots whenever possible – always there to lend a stubby paw.

Follow Waffles on Instagram: @TheRealWaffeyB