Kate Chartier

Experiential & Case Studies


Pizza Hut x Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem




June 2023

For the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film, Pizza Hut “tested” underground delivery in the subway stations of NYC. This was a single-day stunt, where we cast ringers to order Pizza Hut delivery to the subway, and had vinyl art showing the TMNT presence underground. We also designed a TMNT x PH AR game, and an animated spot to advertise Pizza Hut’s partnership in the film.

Case Studies

Highlighting three successful projects from 2022; the World of Me for the launch of Pizza Hut Melts, the results of the Struggle Bus multi-city tour, and the Fire & Ink event for the Spicy Pizza launch.



Pizza Hut Melts x Flyana Boss




August 2023

For the fall 2023 Melts push, we partnered with rap duo Flyana Boss to create a custom rap for Melts, and film a music video in their style of running toward camera.

In addition to the original music, we also outfitted Flyana Boss in custom Pizza Hut tracksuits that fit their unique style.

Spots run on broadcast, digital streaming, and were reworked for social, including being posted by the Flyana Boss official Tiktok and Instagram accounts.


Cheesesteak Product Launch




April 2023

To highlight the new Cheesesteak flavors for Pizza Hut pizza and melts, we created spots around treating yourself – getting dressed up, hosting a party and getting pizza with sirloin steak. Steak night, every night.

The campaign includes a :15 spot to advertise both pizza and melts, and separate :15 and :06 spots that hero Melts, as well as 9x16 spots for social, customized to each social platform.


The Big New Yorker




Jan 2023

The Big New Yorker from Pizza Hut returned to menus for the first time since the 1990's, and we wanted to show it off in a big way. This campaign highlights the size of the pizza, and it’s unique attributes, while appealing to a Gen Z target.

We even partnered with Youtube talent Airrack to become a record holder for the World’s Largest Pizza (Guinness Records) in January 2023, in honor of the Big New Yorker launch.

The Trick Shot spot features the custom-branded mini-basketballs that will be returning for March Madness 2023, as Pizza Hut is the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NCAA.

The Struggle Bus

The Pizza Hut Struggle Bus was a multi-city brand activation bus tour solving the struggles of sports fans (Final Four in New Orleans, LA) and college students during exam week (University of Georgia).

Bus included napping pods with relaxation videos, pizza gravity blankets, massage guns, stress balls, liquid IV and more.

Exterior of the bus had corn-hole, basketball games and a lounge area, where attendees could sit and enjoy their free pizza and Pepsi products.

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Onboard Welcome Video

Tour Recap Video

Big Dinner Box TV

Promoting the Pizza Hut Big Dinner Box, we created a series of spots that brought in UGC, popular trending music, and product beauty shots, highlighting the Big Dinner Box as the go-to pick for when you need to feed a group and don't feel like cooking.

UGC sourced from real creators, whose handles were included in the TV spot, and tagged when cross-posted to TikTok.