Kate Chartier

Experiential Brand Event


Tyson Chicken Crave-Thru


Activation Producer


March 2023

The Tyson Crave-Thru was a chicken sandwich drive-thru that we brought to an actual residential home outside of LA to announce Tyson’s new microwaveable chicken sandwich product.

It was a single-day event where attendees could drive to the home and try a Original or Spicy Tyson Chicken-Sandwich for free. We received over 200 RSVPs for the event and brought buzz to the new product launch in a fun and original way.

Activation included: Custom signs, custom order-board, custom sandwich wrappers, bags, stickers and coupons. Activation also included hired Crave-Thru Host (playing role of homeowner) and ringers hitting various demographics (student, working professional, mom)